Before coming to the mortgage industry, Adesina spent most of her career working in the natural food industry, sustainability and social justice. After buying her own home she was so impressed with the impact her mortgage broker made on her life that she decided to change careers. She comes to the mortgage industry with 20 years of customer service experience and a focus on creating a smooth, informative and hopefully life changing experience for her clients.

Adesina delights in helping people become homeowners and create generational wealth to improve the lives their children and future generations. Adesina is a teacher at heart: she is dedicated to helping her clients find the mortgage that best meets their family goals. She hopes to help them on the road to financial security so they can spend their time really enjoying the things that matter to them. She specializes in teaching classes that inform people about how to qualify for home mortgages and how their decisions affect future chances for home ownership. Adesina is also a Reverse Mortgage Planner and works with seniors to educate them about how reverse mortgage can be a tool to enhance their retirement.

Adesina also works with people to finance investment properties, vacation homes and remodels of their current home. After all, that’s the next step in using equity to build wealth and the lifestyle people want to enjoy.

Adesina was born in San Francisco. She has lived back and forth between Oregon and the Bay Area for the last 10 years and is now extremely happy raising her family in Portland. She lives in SW Portland with her husband and young daughter.

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