Hello I’m Adesina

In 2015 I moved to Portland with my husband and baby daughter determined to find a better lifestyle for my new family. I had lived in Oregon several times before, but had never been able to make the combination of job and affordable housing work. I had spent my whole life as a renter in a city with rent control. When I realized there was no rent control in Portland, it suddenly clicked that I had to find a way to buy a house before my rent was simply beyond my means.

I had always believed that homeownership was beyond my means and I have never bothered to even ask what it took to achieve it. At 40 years old I finally picked up the phone and called a Mortgage Broker to find out how I could get out of the cycle of being a renter for life. Home prices in Portland had reached the point by then where my dream bungalow in Northeast Portland was out of reach, but it turned out I could afford a condo in the southwest.

Since then I have leveraged my equity to move up into my third house.

Now I’m raising my daughter in a home with a large backyard for her to run wild and a rental unit downstairs to start building passive income for her future. The knowledge that I have gained about real estate, money mindset and wealth building has changes my life and I’m excited to share that knowledge with others.

I got into the mortgage business by accident, but have since discovered that everything I’ve done before was leading up to a career that lets me use my highest and best skill to improve people‘s lives. When I sat down with my first client and helped them understand how to leverage the power of their home equity to get relief from the debt that was crushing them emotionally and financially, I realized that this business needs people like me to bring this knowledge to people and families traditionally excluded from wealth and property ownership in the United States.

I’ve built my business on helping people understand a process that can be complicated, scary and feel out of reach. For people buying their first home I seek to take the fear out of this process and make the impossible feel possible.

I’ve spent most of my career working in the fields of sustainability, social justice and lifestyle education. I have 20 years of coaching and customer service experience that allows me to focus on creating a smooth, informative and life changing experience for my clients. I am a teacher at heart and I am dedicated to helping my clients meet their family goals. I hope to help them on the road to financial security so they can spend their time really enjoying the things that matter to them.

When I’m not working with mortgage clients or teaching classes, I enjoy spending time networking with other people who are trying to use their time and skills to improve people‘s lives and make the world a more understanding and livable place.

My favorite activities outside of work are cooking, shopping at the farmers market, visiting local farms and hanging out with friends and family in my backyard.

So tell me…

Are you a buyer or owner looking for a the right mortgage broker?


Are you an employer looking for a REAL way to offer your employees Equity and Inclusion through homeownership?