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“If you didn’t come from a family of wealth, let’s make sure a family of wealth comes from you!”

We help our clients experience more joy and less financial stress by providing roadmaps to homeownership. We believe everyone has the potential to create financial stability and generational wealth through homeownership.


Our Clients Are…

Working with us is for people looking for the individualized services of someone who will meet them wherever they are in the process and get them where they want to be.


People planning for homeownership anytime in the future


First time homebuyers


Move up buyers


Investment and vacation property buyers


People seeking to refinance to lower payments or utilize home equity


People with a plan for generational wealth or looking to create one


People looking for honesty, integrity and collaboration


People who want to work with somebody who values diversity, equity and inclusion and takes action every day to create it in this world.

“Always available and willing to answer”

“Everyone purchasing a home knows how painful the process can be, but working with Adesina and her A-Team made the whole process a breeze. They were always available and willing to answer any questions we had and always went the extra mile to make sure we fully understood and felt comfortable with each stage of the process. We are forever thankful for coming across Adesina and her A-Team. Thank you so much for being such a pleasure to work with. If you are in the process of buying a home and need someone that will have your back and present you with the best strategy/options, look no further.”

– Igor C.

Ahead of schedule the whole way

“Adesina and Jayna made our first home purchase process really easy and got us to close on our purchase on a 20 day timeline. We ran ahead of schedule the whole way – partially because they were fast and efficient, but also because they had helped us to prepare well ahead of time by walking us through the process and letting us know what documents we’d need to submit later.”

– Jamie S.

Ade and Jayna Portland Oregon Mortgage Specialists
Portland OR Home Loans from Mortgage Specialists


We are Jayna Carlson & Adesina Cameron

We work with people who are seeking to understand the complicated world of mortgages and for those who want an experienced loan officer by their side to guide them during the home purchase process. We offer personalized guidance and support on your journey to home ownership.

In addition, we help you use your home as a tool to build equity and accomplish your goals like starting a business, getting out of debt, funding education or purchasing investment property.

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Adesina Portland OR Mortgage Specialist

Adesina Cameron

Broker Owner & Mortgage Planning Specialist

I am in the lending industry because I spent most of my life trying to fight the power until I discovered a way to be part of the power structure and bring the power to the people. I love helping people like me learn how to get access to homeownership and use it as the first step towards creating financial security and then creating a player for a better life and future generational wealth.

NMLS 1482412

Jayna Portland OR Mortgage Specialist

Jayna carlson

Broker Owner & Mortgage Planning Specialist

I have worked in housing since 1999 and I am passionate about helping individuals and families create generational wealth through homeownership. The first 7 years of my career I worked for non-profit housing organizations focused on assisting underserved families achieve homeownership. In my spare time I love camping with my family, working in my garden and cooking.

NMLS 911481


Our Process


We will help you create a Roadmap to Homeownership. First, fill out our online application to give us the details about your goals, finances, and work history. After you complete the application, you’ll be prompted to upload supporting documentation.


After a thorough review of your financial situation, we will meet with you for an in-depth consultation. We will discuss your loan options, downpayment and closing costs and what to expect throughout the process. When you’re shopping for a home, we work to assure that you are prepared and that your goals are understood.

Finding A Home

Once you have found a home you’ll be guided through every step of the mortgage process and kept on track for a successful close.

Not quite ready to take the next step?

If you are still a few steps away from taking that jump into being a homeowner, you will received a personalized Roadmap To Homeownship. With this you will have the information on what your next steps are to reach that goal of homeownership

On-Going Support

After successfully securing your first mortgage with us you’ll have an ongoing advisor for future mortgage and real estate questions.

Ventura Home Loans Portland OR Mortgage Specialist

Connect with Us


If you want a friend and a trusted advisor to help you with your mortgage.

If you’re new to the process and want mortgage education to understand the process, you want a team that will be there to answer your questions, and provide ongoing communication.