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Empower Your Workforce with Homeownership Knowledge and Financial Confidence.

Our program provides a valuable opportunity for employers to enhance employee engagement by fostering a deeper understanding of homeownership and the means to build equity in real estate. We educate individuals about how their financial choices impact their journey towards becoming a homeowner. With our guidance, employees will gain the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the mortgage qualification process successfully.

Our tailored approach involves working closely with employees to chart a well-defined path towards homeownership, paving the way for financial security and peace of mind. Additionally, our programs equip individuals with the skills to leverage their existing real estate assets, ultimately creating a foundation for generational wealth.

Unlock the potential of homeownership and financial prosperity for your employees through our comprehensive program.

Financial Literacy & Home Ownership Education

Fostering Secure, Happier Long-Term Emplyees.

We help employers increase the rate of homeownership and financial stability amongst employees.


1 in 3 employees admit to being less productive at work because of financial stress.


2 in 3 employees say their benefits package helps reduce their financial stress.


Seven in ten employees feel financial wellness programs helped reduce stress and increased loyalty to their employer.

This Benefits Companies Who...

Are seeking to increase productivity by helping employees reduce personal financial stress.
Are interested in increasing the rate of homeownership amongst employees and reduce employee turnover.
Provide great benefits to their employees and are looking for a powerful and unique way to enhance employee wellbeing.
Place great value on helping employees strive for success at work and in the larger world.
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Program Includes

Live classes – onsite and/or zoom
Full days on-site holding 1-on-1 appointments with employees

Available Classes

The Roadmap to Homeownership – First Time Homebuyer class
Understand your Veteran’s homeownership benefits
Establishing and maintaining good credit
Selling your first home and how to qualify for your next home
Buying a 2nd home or investment property
How and when to leverage equity with a refinance or HELOC
Advanced investment properties
Educational Class

How We Work With Companies

We offer a free consultation. If you are an employer looking to help your employees, we’ll discuss your company‘s mission and goals to see how to help your employees. Contact us by filling out the form below and we’ll schedule a consultation.

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